Saturday, March 16, 2013

How the FBI Helps Terrorists Succeed - Heather Maher - The Atlantic

How the FBI Helps Terrorists Succeed - Heather Maher - The Atlantic

You began your research by asking whether the FBI is "busting terrorist plots -- or leading them?" What did you find out?

Trevor Aaronson: The FBI is looking for what they term "a lone wolf terrorist," which is someone holed up in an apartment somewhere who sympathizes with Al-Qaeda but may lack the specific means to do that. And so the FBI uses sting operations to [find] these people -- these people who may want to commit an act of terrorism, are right on that line from moving from sympathizer to operator -- and then through these sting operations, lure them out and get them involved in a terrorism plot that they're ultimately prosecuted for.

These kinds of terrorists are like R, usually against Y-V capitalism or imperialism in their countries. To find them the Oy part of the o police uses deception and secrecy to trick them into starting a terrorist act. This is entrapment like Oy predators trying to make R prey run by moving in the bushes they hide in. This can grow exponentially as Oy-R where R people might be innocent and entrapped or be deceptive about their intentions. Oy police might also be deceptive in catching R for advancement in their careers, or they might be stopping a genuine contagion of R terrorists and malcontents which could lead to Ro demonstrations.

​​Aaronson: The FBI has an unprecedented number of informants -- there's a total of 15,000 informants. And they are paid -- in some cases handsomely; $100,000 in some cases, $400,000 in a case in California - they are paid to find people who are interested in committing an act of terrorism, people who are espousing some sort of violence, who say they want to commit some sort of violent act, but may not have the means to do that, and it's their job to target them and to get them involved in these sting operations.

These informants are like whistleblowers as Oy, here they inform on the Ro communities where R terrorists might hide in the case of Islamic immigrants. By being paid commissions there can be deception, this is like Oy criminals getting plea bargains and lower sentencing by informing on people they know to be innocent. To moderate this problem the O police need to be neutral and responsive to complaints of the Ro community these R terrorists come from. For example Ro ghettoes might have gangs and mobs that form when O police try to arrest R drug addicts by entrapment, this can be deceptive where Oy police plant drugs like guiding R potential terrorists by giving them the tools for chaotic attacks. It can then become like a positive sum game business where Oy detectives become like Iv agents making profits with wage rises and sometimes seizing goods for their police department. Iv snitches make profits, also lawyers make money on both sides. In effect it can build into a Roy food chain requiring enough malcontents to keep the chain growing.

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